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What Is Electricity? – Atomic Structure and Electron Flow

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“What is Electricity?”, covers Atomic Structure and Electron Flow. It Explores electrons and protons, balance charges, free electrons, conducting and nonconducting materials, and electron flow.


  1. My new (electon) electricity says that electricity aint due to drifting electrons, or the Poynting Field/Vector, it is due to photons (electons) hugging the surface of the Cu.
    The electons propagate in the insulation (if any) in which case they propagate at the speed of light in the plastic, about 2c/3.
    On bare wires the speed of electricity is 3c/3.
    A good conductor is a substance that a photon can hug, eg all metals are goodish conductors i think.
    The hugging is strong if there are free-ish conduction electrons in the wire — Cu has 2 such electrons per atom.
    Electons don’t reflect, they do a U-turn at the end of the wire.
    Actually, electons always go straight ahead, it is the surface of the Cu that duz the U-turn.
    If u measure the speed of electricity along a threaded rod u will find that the time taken is longer than for a plain rod, the difference being exactly the extra distance up & down over the threads.

  2. "revolving around it" more like "teleporting around it". heisenburg uncertainty principle. electron energy shells.

  3. Now i know why the fuck electron move its be because the atoms in the substance is no longer bonded and the substance has become unstable as they lost electrons due to and extternal power source or doping and this free electron flow to fill the gap to make the substance stable is called electricity. Fuck my physics classes in school useless hacks didnt explain why they moved only expalined how they moved.

  4. I am trolling a little bit here but I think our current science needs a little trolling to force it to maybe requestion some of its ideas. Electrons as a particle is a theory, not a fact. We have never observed an actual electron. Instead, we have observed a small area that reacted in a way that was net negatively charged to the applied force and called that phenomenon an electron. That's, not the problem. The problem is we now think that electrons are particles and while its a valid theory it is taught as if it was a proven fact which it is not. The second problem is that we gave the electron the attribute of being a purely negative charge, not a negative charge relative to something else but actually negative. There is no and can be no such thing as a purely negative charge. With batteries, we are looking a net positive side and a net negative side and as soon as one is not negative or positive relative to the other side your battery is dead. In AC, positive and negative are only references to the direction the current is traveling other than that they are identical. But what about static charges? Well, we will tell you in the example of static electricity that it is electron particles jumping from one set of atoms to another, and while this is an amazing theory derived from multiple theories it is just that a theory NOT A PROVEN FACT nor is it based on PROVEN FACTS! What if our observations are correct but our conclusions are wrong or even worse what if our conclusions wile wrong are so close to the truth that we don't see our error and start to treat are an error as a fact. What would happen? Would we end up going from that single mistake of thinking an electron is a particle with a purely negative charge and build theory after theory on top of it until we get to a point that our physics breaks and we have to invent new rules for things because nothing seems to unify anymore? Sounds a lot like the current state of our scientific understanding of the universe. So is it more likely that Newtonian physics just happens to break when we get to particles because the small is just so different we need a new set of rules or did we simply make an error in our conclusion and build on that error until it fell apart?

  5. Sir please tell me charge is physical property or partical?. and if it's physical property then we only measure it not count it. but I'm confused why we say charge on electron is 0.00000000000000000016 if it's physical property? .please please reply me soon.

  6. is this a joke because it was made on April first

  7. Great book to read on understanding electricity "Elementary lectures on electric discharges, waves and impulses, and other transients by Charles Proteus Steinmetz".

  8. Electricity is not Energy in its own right, it is a medium that transports Energy as electricity, by causing electrons are Energy carrier, they carry the invisible Energy, by flowing from negatively charged atoms to positively charged atoms, this is known as electron flow, but how does this process actually work? It is not clearly known, for example electromagnetism, where a conductor of say aluminum or copper is allowed to move or cut through a strong invisible magnetic field, or its so called lines of force, this must some how react with the electrons in that moving conductor and knocks it out from its normal orbit around its nucleus , we do not yet fully know exactly how it knocks the electron out, but sure enough it must do so, so this knocked out electron or electrons create a potential difference, which enables the knocked out electron to move to the next atom in the conductor and where the next atom becomes more negatively charged, so it gets attracted to the next atom which is positive relative to it, hence a flow start like domino effect, this creates a flow of electron/s , and conductor then takes this flow through the load and energy does its work , and the electron is not spent, but continues to flow out of load and reaches back to its original atom from where it got knocked out initially by the magnetic line of force, this of course is in the case of a DC generator,
    Therefore flow of electron or electrons is flow which transports Energy, the source of Energy in the Generator came from a mechanical source such as a wind turbine, or a steam turbine, or a fuel driven engine, No new electrons are created in this process, since electrons are not energy in itself, neither can anyone create energy or for that matter any electrons, but we can create gathering of electrons in a material where a potential difference rises enormously, such as in a static charges of thousands of volts.
    So magnetic lines of force being cut through by a conductor pushes out electrons out of a wire into a load and then back again, of course this clearly means the electrons in a conductor are knocked out by the action of magnetic lines of force, and thus develops a potential difference that then makes the negatively charged electrons rush back to positively charged protons, so you have a flow, , but this knocked out electron reaches the next atom, and it now has one too many electron, so it gets pushed out to the next one, and so on a chain starts, through a conductor through the load, and back into the original atom from which it got kicked out,
    it would continue to do this as long as the conductor is being moved through the magnetic field.
    The thing to notice is no new electrons are created, no one can create energy, so when magnetic lines of force cuts through a conductor, knocked out electrons gets pushed out and starts to flow in a particular direction, depending on the polarity of the magnetic field and the direction of the conductor cutting through a magnetic field, it then goes like a domino effect and returns to its original atom and continues to flow as long as the conductor is still moving through the ,magnetic field, tor into load and then back again to rejoin the atoms again until they are struck out by moving lines of magnetic force, the interesting thing to bear is that No one can create atoms, nor anyone can create Energy, so the flow of electrons is the knocked out electrons by the force required to move the wire through a magnetic field, in other words it is mechanical energy which is simply being transformed into electrical energy, so Energy is not electrons, or you can say Electricity is not Energy, because by Einsteins definition no one can create energy, nor anyone can destroy energy, so producing electricity is not energy in itself but a transformation of Energy, from mechanical to Electric flow, the real Energy is very different, it is this real energy that in the first place created atoms, and its associated parts, such as electrons and protons and neutrons,
    All the matter in universe is composed of Energy, therefore each and every atom we see, came into being through a process of creation where Energy transformed itself into solid matter consisting of atoms, matter came into existence, in other words atoms were formed and different elements got formed, that got clumped together forming bigger bodies, and gravity took over as its strength started to add up atom by atom, the larger the body the larger its gravitational effect, ……tbc

  9. So if electricity is the flow of electrons in the wire then why does the electrical force travel at the speed of light in the insulation covering the wire (say 0.66c km/s), or if no insulation then it travels at the speed of light in air (say 0.9999999c km/s). How do the smart electrons in the wire know whether there is insulation or not.

    For the answer google Ivor Catt or Forrest Bishop.

  10. Back to th basic ground of electricity, charge.. radiation…and th need of th world, nature, body pH included, to stay in balanced negative_positivity…does any of our electrical fibering alteration of atomic charge originate any residual force or radiation..?
    and how does it affect our health? Th electromagnetic field we r made of.. somehow we also need our charges..or frequency..for th regeneration of cells…which when altered, it makes us irritable…nervous..anxious.. hyperactive or exausted.. haha

    I kind of start seeing th effects on th food lately…black spots.. fossilization..stiff parts..dry..no seeds…etc symptoms..plus, immune systems succumbing to normal Flu , & .. wondering if it should b called a Covid19..or ..corona2019 ( specially since th Amazon Burned to hell for months in 2019…( One wonders what s th WHO , UN, or governments truly for if they cant solve a simple issue like a fire, with all th diplomats..embassadors all of us citizens are funding from th beginning of th world map? Brazil aint..nor have nt been a hostile economy.. they just havv a null leadership who..was waiting for international orders..from th WHO..th pharmaceutical agency. Which havv open borders wherever U go on th globe.. don't they..just like petrol and coca-cola.! One wonders…how special..VIP..tht..in case of an emergency.. suddenly.. didn't move a finger?? Wow

  11. It was very simple to understand free electron and electricity.

  12. Please tell how is aluminum a conductor how it catches current if it's atoms are neutral

  13. This video was explained so easily than to compare to real atoms chapter.
    Thanks alot educational video lab 👍🏻

  14. i can't understand at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. So funny that when they recorded the video they didn’t know yet anything about the actual structure of the atom, the duality of behavior of some subatomic particles

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  17. Planetary atom model must pass away. Why it's still around?

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