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What is the DeWALT Difference Atomic Vs XR Home Depot Sales

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Today I will compare the Dewalt Atomic DCF809C2 kit from Home Depot to the Dewalt XR DCF887P1 impact driver. I go over 5 different exciting tests so stick around till the end. While the Dewalt XR kit comes with a 5.0Ah battery we will be using the 1.5Ah battery so that we can see the two tools perform the same.

Honestly, if you can get the Atomic line at a sale price it might be worth your money, so If I were in the market for some new Dewalt tools and didn’t need all the bells and whistles and needed decent performance I might actually buy the ATOMIC tools!!

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DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/4 in. Impact Driver with 5.0 Ah Battery Pack, Charger and Tool Bag
Model# DCF887P1 $199.00

ATOMIC 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Compact 1/4 in. Impact Driver with 2 Batteries 1.5 Ah Charger and Bag
Model #DCF809C2 $129.00


  1. Love the atomic, it is obviously for the homeowner or handyman….at the end of the day it's nice to have options..

  2. Great comparison video bro
    I am a dewalt fan , not saying all others stink , just used dewalt for 20 plus years in many job applications.
    Personal experience; homeowner or maybe in home set , the non xr is wonderful , just starting out in construction world , non xr will work but , is slower , does consume battery (1.5) , to the point that the two battery pack is not enuff .
    So I recommend if your starting out , kinda first day stuff , atomic is fine but purchase a 3ah or 4ah xr battery to go with .
    Worker will be more productive , less frustrated ( battery swap) and I think better for the tool versus trying to get that last start stop or two outa tool before getting off ladder roof etc .
    Thanks g

  3. The Atomic works just fine for me on the the work site.

  4. I got the XR model this fall at the Atomic price with the 5ah battery and charger. Sooooooo, yeah the bells and whistles mattered.

  5. You should test them both with a 5 amp battery. That would make a difference in power. I use an impact all day everyday at work in commercial HVAC and the larger amp batteries make a difference in performance

  6. Wait put 5ah battery on both what happens

  7. Are the xr batteries interchangeable with atomic an vice versa

  8. Nah!!! I went for the Milwaukee Brushless and then got the FUEL.

  9. But once cry once the more power and bigger battery is worth it. Although I have an older one that’s not brushless but I do have the big batteries and it’s awesome I use the hell out of it and I’ve had it about 8 years now very excellent tools love dewalt

  10. The XR is “priced a little bit higher”? Isn’t it $199 vs $129, ie 50% more?

  11. That is why I have the Dewalt XR over the Atomic I love my Dewalt.

  12. I have all dewalt and with the xr we have put in several hundred 5 inch lags a day with no issues

  13. The X-R finish pulling a screw and stood upright while the atomic fell off exhausted.

  14. Both shit😂 i have all dewalt tools.. Batterys are all fckt. I literally spend more time swapping battery's then working.

  15. "Made in usa" is akin to the "I'm vegan" thing. Treating the symptom not the solution.

  16. May sound silly (until you try it). Please run the same tests with the 5AH battery in both tools. The real comparison in performance and price vs. performance would obviously be the 5AH XR impact driver vs 1.5AH Atomic impact driver. I noticed a significant difference in performance when I switched my older XR (single speed) over to 4AH batteries. I use mine mostly for automotive work. It now almost torques lug nuts to 100ft/lbs and broke 2 of my non-impact rated Craftsman sockets. Both were different sizes and previously not abused. And yes, now I HAVE to use impact sockets.

  17. All I'm seeing is better impact drivers than my black and decker lol. Seriously though, that cheap $60 driver has been a good one thus far, a year or so and a handful of little home projects later, it's still doing fine even when i use sockets on it when wrenching. It's comparable to my 3/8 earthquake so it's not too bad.

  18. Thank you. Love the results. Now I know which one to buy. 👍

  19. I prefer atomic for home use. XR for the construction site

  20. I would only buy nothing but Milwaukee thinking that they were the best of the best 🤦‍♂️ I recently bought my mom a DeWalt and I was so impressed by it that I ended up buying myself one. I’m honestly thinking of starting to buy more DeWalt they have amazing products.

  21. Ive had the 20v max for 7 years same batteries and works just as good as it did new. Love dewalt crap

  22. I have both and opened them up, they are they same thing on the inside, they handicap the atomic to have the better xr they can charge 3x for.

  23. XR with 5 ah battery and charger is still $150 at the Home Depot

  24. Great job! I was wondering this very question!

  25. It wouldn’t matter to me as a DIYer. I got the XR combo today only because it was on sale for half price. Upgraded from crapman combo which now has a defective drill diver on higher speed setting mechanism problem i think. It wouldn’t spin at speed 2 and at speed dial on 7 and up

  26. Well I used to hang gutters for a living and our hangers used them lag bolts I first had the atomic and it didn't have the power to do the job then I went and bought the XR combo was alot more reliable

  27. The XR stays on that beam much better than the atomic. The atomic just falls right off.

  28. Are there specific applications when you would want speed 2 over speed 3? Or is it purely for more speed/time?

  29. Does the speed difference really matter?

    Well, yeah, if you're in construction it makes a hell of a difference.

  30. I rock the brushless XR w/ 5a battery all day.. you want some weak "around the house" drill, go to The Dollar General. I'm sure they have the Atomic there.

  31. I used to find it amusing seeing people with unused power tools hanging on pegboards on some YouTube channels. I had a switch turn on, maybe off, because now i want to hang power tools on display like some sort of hobby collection fetish. Seeing that XR with dirt and scratches is giving me actual discomfort. How can you do that to such a beautiful work of art? Shame!

  32. The atomic is much cheaper than the xr and is geared towards the do it yourselfer . Not a fair comparison.

  33. I don't understand the recurring commentary of "are you really going to drive more than two or three 5 inch lags" etc. ??? If I have a job that requires 5" timberlocks, I am likely driving them for the better part of a day,. dozens at minimum, so the difference is in fact quite important. The real question is how often does anyone drive 10 or less of any given fastener? Because if that's your use, it's not even work, it's playing around, in which case save some $ and get the Ryobi. I'll stick with my XR thank you and enjoy the additional speed when I'm driving dozens of fasteners all day. You've posted a good comparison, don't ruin it by marginalizing the advantages illustrated in your video with inaccurate editorializing.

  34. Just to add, (and this towards comments in the thread, not towards the author) in no way is the Atomic "just a handyman" tool because it is a little slower than the XR. These are DeWalt tools and are sturdy and can and will handle rough job-site work all week long. There are brands that are half the price which are fine for less demanding work. Sure, a handyman can use the best too, but the Atomic is not to be relegated to handyman status,. that's Hart, Ryobi etc..

  35. Apples and oranges, you can't compare when using a 1.5ah battery up against a 5ah battery. For the price you pay here in England can't really complain about the atomic because it is only 2/3 the price of the 796 XR and thankfully they come with 2ah or 3ah batteries, I have the 709 "atomic" hammer drill came with 2x 3AH battery and the 3ah battery makes a difference and I will try it with the 5ah battery but to me what's the point when it's supposed to be a compact lightweight piece. It's done everything I have asked of it and done it so much better than the bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 which cost 110 and only came with 1x 1.5ah battery. The Dewalt dcd709 "atomic" came with TSTAK case two 3ah batteries and was only 125 pounds sterling.

  36. Love Ur review, 👍, I was concerned about the xr battery weight, Ur review cleared it out for me,

  37. I can't help but wonder if the difference was actually the different batteries.

  38. They're not even the same bits in the drill during the test 😬

  39. I have an Atomic and I have no complaints! I think It just comes down to being picky!

  40. The atomic is a flop lol it's not even smaller than the XR

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