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What To Expect From The DEWALT ATOMIC Series 20 -Volt Drill & Impact Driver

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DEWALT has a new line of compact tools called the ATOMIC Series.
DEWALT states the new ATOMIC series compact cordless power tools combine performance and durability in a compact format. The tools are designed for emerging contractors allowing for an affordable way to invest in the DEWALT 20-volt tool lineup that consists of over 200 tools.

The DEWALT ATOMIC line is optimized for tight spaces, overhead work, and for long periods of use. The tools are optimized for overhead work and long periods of use.

The word ATOMIC makes one think these tools might be a very powerful line of DEWALT tools in a small form factor. What they really are is exactly what DEWALT states. Small tools optimized for long term use. To get longer runtimes they have reduced the power and made the tools fairly small and affordable. There is no explosion of power, nor really new compact sizing, but they are brushless and affordable.

DEWALT aiming the new 20V Max ATOMIC power tools at general contractors, remodelers, electricians, mechanical and HVAC tradespeople, plumbers, and cabinetry and furniture builders. In other words, all of the types of users who are typically interested in Dewalt cordless power tools and accessories.

The Dewalt Atomic product family will include the following tools:

Drill/Driver (DCD708)
DCD708C2 2-battery kit, $159
DCD708B bare tool, $119

Impact Driver (DCD809)
DCD809C2 2-battery kit, $159
DCD809B bare tool, $119

Hammer Drill/Driver (DCD709)
DCD709C2 2-battery kit, $179
DCD709B bare tool, $129

Circular Saw (DCS571)
DCS571P1 1-battery kit, $269
DCS571B bare tool, $149

Oscillating Multi-Tool (DCS354)
DCS354B bare tool, $129

Reciprocating Saw (DCS369)

Like we stated above, these tools are meant to be affordable, compact and long-running. You should not expect DEWALT FlexVolt power or even DEWALT XR performance as they are optimized for lightweight and runtime. To go further, currently, all of the ATOMIC tools seem to be shipping with the 1.5 Ah 20-volt battery that does not have a fuel gauge. This seems to give us the idea that these are simply smaller brushless tools and are not meant to bring new levels of power.

ALL of the Dewalt Atomic cordless power tools will feature brushless motors.


  1. The thing that gets to me is I’ve seen the 887 model impact driver which is supposed to be their top of the line model, smoke like crazy when worked too hard and heard stories from other contractors that their new impact driver crapped out on them shortly after getting it. But when the atomic is pushed too far, it just doesn’t complete the task. I’m a Milwaukee user, but if I was a DeWALT guy, I’d probably buy the atomic just out of concern for my impact breaking on the job. DeWALT has to step it up in my opinion.

  2. I was able to get this out Brand new for $120, just going to use for home projects. Lots of negative reviews… Should I try to ditch and get the XR?

  3. I think DeWalt hit a home run with the $99 drill kit. I love it!

  4. Friends tell me atomic is for small little jobs. And I say to them back. Black n Decker n Stanley is for small jobs. DeWalt should be for big jobs!!! No matter how small they make them,😁😁😁

  5. What is the point? They already have a compact brushless XR drill…DCD791. To me they repackaged it with less torque within the same frame. And the Atomic impact driver…it’s basically the DCF887 repackaged again with less features & torque. I’m a huge Dewalt guy but, they’re going backwards.

  6. Just returned the DeWaltl "Atomic" drill back to the big orange store. Worst tool I ever purchased from DeWalt. I have the 20V XR 7 piece combo kit plus another 20V XR drill and impact gun and I love them. When I saw the battery did  not have a way to check the battery usage I began to wonder if this was a good purchase. I used this drill first time this morning. Big disappointment. I tried to drill holes in a 2×4. The drill chuck wobbled so bad I quit and broke out the Rigid. Thought it was a bad drill bit but, nope the drill was fine in the Rigid. Back to H/D to get my money back.

  7. I purchased 1 for tight spots and get me out of a jam

  8. With the recent news of their new Brushless 12v Max drill and impact, this makes the Atomic line look even more unnecessary and redundant. DeWalt. What are you thinking?

  9. The Atomic drill is an awesome all around general use drill. Plenty of power, compact, and lightweight. I'm a contractor of 30yrs and I love this tool. I have the 996 for serious drilling and medium weight mixing. The Atomic impact is pointless. The 887 is a beast or can be used for delicate work. I run 2ah batteries to keep the tools light weight and have plenty of run time. I also have flex volt tools which are awesome, smooth running, powerful ect. We also run the 18v Milwaukee tools which are exactly comparable to Dewalt in power and performance. You can't go wrong with either.

  10. Basically what's going on is that this line up is going to replace the basic "brushless" lineup DeWalt did… Like top end is "XR" for anyone who wants the best of the best type of deal… Atomic lower end contractors, guys just coming in the trade that don't have a ton of cash, apprentice type and high end lime DIY… Same with Milwaukee's lineup… Both marketed the same way with similar price points… Everything has a place in the market… Some of you fail to understand that… These are the greatest tools of all time but everything has a place on the market and it's clear YouTube is not indicative of real world use lol

  11. Thank you for the video and honest information about thiswhen I see them in home Depot I saw they had a new look the first thing I thought that they would be a lot stronger in that's why they have a higher price. I even thought about selling mine in buying this kit. Now that I know it's not stronger I don't see the point of nobody buying this kit.

  12. Pure trickery. Buddy almost got tricked. XR is the flagship. Atomic is for people who don’t use tools on the daily

  13. How tf does atomic mean big. Ever heard of an atom? There quite small i think…

  14. I got this set just over a month ago great drills! The only thing is the impact driver. The anvil housing is lose in the clamshell! Anyone else notice that?

  15. I have been wanting this tool since it was announced. I'm a dewalt junkie tho lol. Finally got them 2 days ago and took them for a test drive. Hung 10 mirrors and 8 soap dispensers and 2 curtain tracks. Had to predrill hard tile then hammerdrill it to wall mount. I was impressed I love the amount of controll it has so as so not over tighten screws. Defenitly a great addition to my arsenal.

  16. I have one atomic tool, I'm hardcore DIY guy, remodeled my house ect. I think dewalt wanted a low cost get new people over, ridgid etc. But I feel it cheapened the brand. The atomic line is cheaper and lower stats across the board, and made in China. A lot guys like me were supporting them for made in USA. My new drill the 996 is a beast. But from ag to shop stuff the people go buy on what they see and have experience if these under proform and the competition higher stuff works they swap colors.

  17. Its not about having the strongest drill or tool., its knowing the right tool for the job. Sometimes you need that light weight drill for fixtures in cabinets & thats were these drills come into play. Im buying and adding these drills to my collection..

  18. What is you opinion on the DCD708 hammer function?

  19. Drill looks very similar to Black&Decker's.

  20. More bad reviews, I have the milwaukee 12 volt version and by far alot better then the atomic version for a few dollars more.

  21. I bought this drill after a Bosch I return because it was too big and I didn't care for the trigger delay. As usual I tested both drills by boring a hole through my testicle. I found, as usual, neither drill made it all the way through before shooting sparks and bursting into flames, but the DeWalt edged out the Bosch.

  22. That dynamic clutch is garbage i have 1 and it lasted me less than a year is junk don't buy it take my word stay away garbage im telling you

  23. If you are pre drilling decking or hanging doors all day long ,this is great ,you don't need 125nm of torque and a 5 lb drill .

  24. The plastic outer on the chuck has never been an issue on any brand of drill I've had , they are easier to tighten with sweaty hands.

  25. To test the power ,I put a 400mm x16mm auger on it and drove through 300 mm of seasoned hardwood with ease,speed one of course ! Then I tried some 100mm batten screws ie bugle head screws and it sunk them easily into pine on high speed, which is outstanding .Btw these sub compact drills are a Godsent ,nice and light to use all day .
    I put a 5 amp on mine ,still light and compact, cheers for the review.

  26. I got this impact driver to change the height on my ball hitch. ◔◔>share4.photo/DImpactWrench?м I had no problems with the tool. It performed as advertised. Removed the nuts that had been overtightened by the RV dealer and I was able to achieve proper torque when reinstalling them. A great tool for the money!

  27. I want the best tools too because they make me focus on skills other than blaming tools.

  28. I don’t think this tool line is targeted at emerging or newbie contractors. I think they are for homeowners who rather do the work themselves and want to move up from their Skill and Black & Decker brands but don’t want to pay a premium and don’t necessarily need the power that comes with a contractor grade tool. I picked up my set for Father’s Day at Home Depot yesterday for $159.99. Very happy with it. Changing my tool chest from Ryobi and Craftsman to Dewalt.

  29. Great video. I just bought this a few days ago at Home Depot for $99 . I want it for home projects and to lower and raise stabilizing jacks on a rv that we plan to purchase soon. Do you think this dewalt can handle that? Thank you.

  30. def 709 def 809 v def795 def887 whice one is better?

  31. "Built for emerging contractor" or in my case, the advanced DIY homeowner who doesn't need professional grade tools but needs more than Black and Decker can offer.

  32. These are not much smaller than the XR series, they have much less power and and aren’t much cheaper. I just don’t see the point of these compared to the XR

  33. It's the hammer drills that have the floppy chucks – the 796 and 996 are like that but apparently the 791 is not, and this one also being non hammer should run true as you tested. Atoms are small, atomic is intended to say small but powerful, not sure how you interpreted anything else 😀

  34. VCG contruction has all that, no point reproducing: beg to differ, that guy is intolerable to watch, you're quite reasonable to watch…

  35. It’s good for a starter kit I own all the dewalt X-ray stuff I got the atomic kit for 100$ brand new so I’m not complaining lol

  36. Completely agree with you about the Camaro! I’m a first time homeowner and don’t know much about tools but I’m looking to buy the best. Don’t like cheap & having to replace things .

  37. I grabed the osliator and I love it. Plus it came with a free 5AH battery at home depot.

  38. I read the 12 and 20 volt batteries work in the atomic line

  39. In my opinion the Atomic series is priced right when it's on sale ($129.00) for the 20V brushless hammer drill/driver and will satisfy 99% of home owner jobs and most contractor jobs as well. Compare the price of these to the top end units and consider how much difference there is in its capabilities and this wins hands down. Buying the best is an ocd thing. Again, my opinion

  40. Lowes currently has this Dewalt Atomic brushless combo for $159. I also saw your other video on the Ryobi compact hp brushless combo – Home Depot has it for $159. I’m a homeowner for home use. I like the the Ryobi has a battery meter on the batteries. So battery meter aside, which do you think is the better value or which would you go with for my purposes?

  41. I had to stop at 4:38. As someone who just got his first Drill and I decided to get this right now (the Atomic 20v Dewalt Drill) because it was on sale for summer; It definitely was a steal! I only pressed the trigger once and I can tell without a full charge battery; the drilling sounds amazing! Sir, I feel as though this video is all about the BIGGEST and the BADDEST tools! and not about what you can do with what you've got. It's not always about the biggest and most powerful tools. What CAN you do with this series?

  42. Love the videos and reviews. I am looking to replace my 12 year old Craftsman brushed c3 and have analysis paralysis. I am trying to think long term about platform and best bang for the buck as a home owner / DiYer / novice wood worker. I keep getting wrapped around the axle between the DeWalt Atomic, DeWalt Xtreme 12v, or Milwaukee M12 Fuel line. Projects are mainly woodworking with probably rebuilding the deck at some point.

    The frustrating thing is you have to go to Lowes to check out the DeWalt Xtreme line, and Home Depot for Atomic and Milwaukee…and both stores have them so locked down, you can barely pick them up, let alone test them out. When you can pick them up there's usually a zip tie right around the center of the handle. Maybe I should just start a tool review channel 😉.

    Anyway thanks for the great reviews!

  43. May be atomic particle? Just saying my little Einstein

  44. so im just gunna put my opinion out there. i work construction, but my place i rarely drive anything above 3" guard dog screws. i have the XR tools and they are better, there is no reason to argue that. that being said i just bought the 2021 set of these and they are awesome. they come with shit batteries so replace them, but with 4Ah batteries these are awesome. i can do A LOT with these. if you are getting into construction these will out perform almost every option for the price. they take slightly longer to drive but they are pretty damn good. they are very much worth their price i promise.

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