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Whats New? (Beetronics – Zzombee, CXM 1978, Browne Amplification – The Fixer, and more)

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On today’s What’s New we’ve got a BUNCH of new pedals to show from all kinds of companies! It’s gonna be a great two-hour live.

Cusack: Screamer Fuzz Selenium

Browne Amplification: The Fixer

Dead Air: Feral+

Echo Effects: Angry Rhino

Boss: Chromatic Tuner TU-12

Boss: Space Echo RE-2

Boss: Space Echo RE-202

October Audio: Robotic Celebrity Head

Wampler: Metaverse

Sundance Electric: Hi-1 Distortion Fuzz

Beetronics: Zzombee Filtremulator

Chase Bliss Audio: CMX 1978

JHS Fresh Clips:

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  1. By the way, I live for the last hour of your Live podcasts. In fact, let me time stamp it. 1:00:00

  2. My favorite thing about JHS content is that every show gives me an opportunity to case that room for my future Oceans 11-style heist of Josh’s pedal collection.

  3. living on the other side of the ocean, I can say that when I got to see this the selenium was wiped off the face of the internet already. that's sad, would have looked so nice next to my stromer super fuzz that's about to arrive this week 😀

  4. I jumped off this video and bought one of those Feral+ pedals. Thanks for introducing me to it!

  5. My wife just occasionally sings the stingers.

  6. Feral sounded amazing. The spoken word stuff is annoying. Trav’s character “Nick” says “like” too much. Glad to finally get the rundown on the pup config in Josh’s Bilt Relevator. Very interesting. Did I mention that the Feral was great?

  7. Im a Todd fan too Nick, also Greg Capullo, Sean Gordon Murphy, and Comics Kayfabe.

  8. “If you are hear because of the JHS show- sorry”

  9. I hit thumbs up the moment Nick was showing off his Spider-man comic. My birthday last month I also treated myself to a Batman comic by my favorite artists and writer duo, Neal and O'Neill. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK!

  10. From 22,000 forint to 32,000 forint, a day later … guys … guys …

  11. Oof that Zzzombie on the bass screamer jam was something else!!

  12. Nick is my favourite, I think he's chill and funny in his own way.

  13. How about a Driller microphone to go along with the Driller Cam?

  14. Sounds like a truck about to back through the wall behind Nick's drum kit.

  15. I wish this group was less insufferable because I want to see/hear all the new pedals but I can barely stomach it haha. No disrespect.

  16. @12:15 Low-gain Rat setting… Logan Rat setting… Wolverine Rat setting! 🧠💥 😉

  17. on fire this live — vibes all around

  18. Happy birthday Nick!! You’re a great friend to Josh and the band. Keep on making great music and zingers! Enjoy everyday having kids speeds up stuff hahaha. Party in Garth!

  19. wish I was able to watch this live… I definitely would have bought an SE screamer fuzz… thing sounds unreal dude

  20. Any plans to reissue the bun runner or something like it. I had one but lost it when my pedalboard got stolen. I miss it terribly 😿

  21. Same sound at my house this week. The source was my front door key pad. Malfunction do to condensation on the circuit board…

  22. all the builders ,are coming in , making pop corn on break

  23. 'Nick is turning 30, on Friday… " best song thus far, singing this for the whole week – HBD NICK

  24. I’m glad those on the screen seem to be as derisive of the term “pups” as I am. I see someone on social media start talkin’ bout pups, I usually stop reading.

  25. My fav person on the show is all of you. When even just one of you is missing, it’s not the same. It’s like when I order my club sub at Jersey Mike’s and forget to add banana peppers or spicy mustard. EDIT: I do like the Nick and Addison episodes alot.

  26. If you guys want, try out the STOY pedals for your videos. It sounds pretty good for the price.

  27. Blame pups on short-hand, idk if that term existed before internet forums, we might blame humbuggies on GearManDude, love that dude!

  28. I'm sad I missed this live, but that Screamer Fuzz/Zzombee jam may have been the best sounding jam ever on this channel. Wow!

  29. Can y'all give Joshua a reverb pedal on his mic for the poetry readings?

  30. I love it when The Bends era Radiohead and Bullet The Blue Sky slide come together. The jams are always good.

  31. T-shirt please: The mini-humbuggy is the working man’s pup. Thank you.

  32. That jam with the Zzzombee on bass was unreal. So wonderfully weird and unlike anything I ever remember hearing you all play. How nice to have a pedal that lets you play to it and go places you otherwise may not. Congrats, Beetronics. Amazing piece of gear.

  33. Does Josh need the big knife for self protection?

  34. That pep… uh… pup talk was pure. Bell like.

  35. Second hour is the best 🙂 Imagine if you did a 3h show! Or 4!!

  36. Happy birthday Nick! To live your best life as a 30+ human…don’t step out in front of a bus. Easy advice to follow.

  37. This show is a gift to all of humanity. Happy Birthday Nick.

  38. Interesting choice to go with Firebird pickups in that thing instead of mini humbuckers. They are very different.

  39. One of the greatest comments by Josh on this show

    “YouTube, if you’re watching: This is the first ever pedal selenium-motivated Telethon.” 1:04:01

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