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Where Atomic Carts Are Made and New Construction Area

The Villages Skip Smith
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  1. Skip, I watched your video because of the title. However, you would not buy one anyway. I was looking to find out more about the Atomic cars. I wasted my time. My bad.

  2. Thanks for telling us what all you DON’T know, and where you haven’t been. Can I have those minutes of my life back? Geez.

  3. Nice tours. Appreciate you taking the time to show us.

  4. Beautiful drive! Nice to get the 360 degree perspective.

  5. Skip,
    You and Sue are the best!! Thank you so much for the information.

  6. Hi Skip, great video as always. Are any of the atomic golf carts actually nuclear powered? If so, they may be able to get faster speeds than most cars, like 500 mph or more!!! One great thing about the buildings there is that most of them are not huge high rise of 100 storeys or more. They have a golf cart storage facility in a non golf cart accessible area. I am wondering how they move the golf carts from there to the accessible areas, unless they use a trailer to carry them from one area to the other. Like your Spanish Oaks law, we have a law protecting our Gum Trees here in Australia. Anyway, take care and all the best. Robert.

  7. So nice to see sunshine and flowers. It's 9 degrees in suburban Chicago this morning, with about 16 inches of snow on the ground. Thanks for the video Skip and Sue. 😎

  8. It's zero degrees in southern Illinois this morning !!

  9. Thanks Skip and Sue always love the info it's amazing how quickly things change there. Can't wait to come down.

  10. Hi Skip we are looking to buy there between Brownwood and Lake Sumter so my question is there a website that shows the different Villages between those two places. We don’t want to be out by Hawkins or Fenney even though we did find a couple of houses we liked. Thanks for any help in advance as I am coming there over the next month. We own in Lakeland but our lot rent is $1000.00 a month but own the house so looking at the Villages.

  11. Hi to Sue. Hope PT going well and Iam sure you are making progress. Skip, thanks for the insight on stores and local geography.

  12. I imagine the developer of TV is a billionaire….what a brilliant idea……. enjoy the car rides for sure …thanks Skip👍

  13. at 5:12 is the atomic golf cars sales center, they are manufactured/made in china. i've owned mine for 2 years and love it, mine cost about the same as an equally equipped yamaha cart, except mine has a/c heat power windows power steering power brakes and much more that aren't even available on a yamaha, go get yourself one

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