Who Invented the Atomic Battery

Who Invented the Atomic Battery

Atomic Battery

Nuclear-based power sources seem to be a promising alternative to environmentally unfriendly Li-ion batteries. Lots of independent teams are working on enhancing the technology of producing green electricity sources. But who invented the atomic battery and discovered a new development course for research?

The First Tested Theory

Henry Moseley

The first radioactive battery was invented more than 100 years ago. In 1913, an English physicist Henry Moseley experimented with radium. The scientist constructed an apparatus made of:

  • A glass globe
  • A silver layer on the inside
  • A radium emitter

The radioactive decay created charged particles that were moving across the sphere. And causing an electric flow. This discovery inspired a lot of researchers who started their own experiments.

Evolution of the Atomic Battery

Evolution of the Atomic Battery

In 1954, a Strontium-90 based prototype was born. Covered with radio-blocking materials, it didn’t guarantee 100% protection. Exposure to Strontium-90 causes leukemia. So, it was dangerous to let it loose on the streets. This is why atomic batteries were mainly used in deep space and military gadgets. As far away from average consumers as possible.


In 2008, CityLabs launched the production of relatively safe Tritium-based power sources available for everyone. Sort of. It’s very expensive (about $1,000).

A New Chapter

A New Chapter

In 2019, NDB Inc introduces changes that enhance the technology in several aspects:

  • The device captures 40% of high-energy electrons. It means more electricity and usage in high-power applications.
  • NDB runs on Carbon-14. It’s a radioisotope that is not on the list of the most dangerous materials. But to protect the environment and people, they coat it in nanolayers of synthetic diamond. The construction doesn’t have any moving parts and is impossible to break.
  • It can be a tiny device to power a nano chipset. Or a big radioactive battery for industrial purposes.
  • The battery uses radioactive waste to run. And consists of a cheap artificial diamond. It makes it cost-effective to produce and commercialize.

Watch this video for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj7z8wFGzDE

A Long Way

A long way Atomic Battery.jpg

It was an English physicist who invented the atomic battery. But its further development was and is conducted by scientists from all over the world. As a result, we’re likely to start using this technology in our everyday life soon.