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Who Said Size Matters? Testing the Best Compact Drills!

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Sometimes to find the best compact drill, you have to try them all. That’s exactly what I have done to help you find out what the best compact drill on the market is!

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Drill Drivers:
Bosch GSR18V-800C (Affiliate Link):
Dewalt DCD794 (Affiliate Link):
Flex FX1131 (Affiliate Link):
Makita XFD15 (Affiliate Link):
Metabo HPT DS18DEX (Affiliate Link):
Metabo HPT DS18DDX (Affiliate Link):
Milwaukee 3601-20
Ridgid R87012

Hammer Drills:
Bosch GSR18V-800C (Affiliate Link):
Dewalt DCD799 (Affiliate Link):
Flex FX1231 (Affiliate Link):
Makita XPH15 (Affiliate Link):
Metabo HPT DV18DEX (Affiliate Link):
Milwaukee 3602-20
Ridgid R87112

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  1. I just wanted to let everyone know about something I saw today.Milwaukee released a new compact M18 hammer drill that is rated at 600 inch pounds. It only comes in a 4 tool combo right now, but it will be available in a combo with a 3 speed compact impact driver soon. I literally watched the TTI rep open the box and put it on display.

  2. Ive got old dewalt 18v and it sucks. Ive got dewalt impact with metal chuck and is awesome. Get metal chuck.

  3. Milwaukee and Dewalt have wayyy too many battery options. Its ridiculous. You dont need to have a battery for every integer between 1 and 12

  4. The dewalt 100 year anniversary drill is in my mind pro-sumer at a product levelig price. It didn't i press me at all. But the dcd800 is a phenomenal drill driver in every way. 791 is of course also a great drill that often sells cheap with battery rebates.

  5. Thanks for the ‘hearts’ on my comments ‘Tinker!’ I discovered a ‘problem’ with the chuck today, sadly, on the M18 compact. I was drilling with a smooth reduced shank 1/2” wood bit, and it slipped in the chuck! I had been experimenting with not tightening the chuck down so hard, but even with really cranking down, the bit hit a tough spot in the wood ( only drilling through 2X material, ) and spun on the shaft! No bueno! 😮 DEAL Breaker for me. They make a really small chuck, that is hard to grip, and then it is hard to loosen it, and then to top it off, wont secure down on a drill bit smooth shank?! Geesh! I wanted to like this little drill. It has “Heart!” Sure, it could be an isolated incident, but has anyone else had this issue? Tinker??

  6. Back in the day Panasonic had nice tools not compact but I recently I saw them on a job site didn’t know they still made tools, maybe at some point you could do a video on them

  7. Can’t say how the newer Bosh is but I have DDS181A older brushed model. Its been a great drill over the years and the batteries are some of the best on the market. They seem to last better than any other brands I have used. I still use the 2 and 1.5 ah batteries that came with my older kits have 3 4 I bought when they first came out with the power core they still going strong.

  8. I would like to try that new Bosch. I purchased that dcd799 recently on sale at HD for home use but out of the box it sounded like something was lose inside and the chuck was not good at all. Excellent video. The Hilti
    SF4-22 would be a nice contender.

  9. Another great video. Enjoy the content on your channel. You deserve more subscribers!

  10. Your breakdown. And Hypothesis of each brand is extremely informative

  11. Bosch already 8 Ah tabless cells here Europe since begining of january this year. !!

  12. I agree with how slippery the Milwaukee chuck is but so far I haven't had any problems with it holding bits.

  13. Nice Video 👍 , But how come you didn't use the DeWalt dcd 800 Compact XR Drill in this Competition ???

  14. You need to get panasonic and skil for sure im in two lines of tools hercul3s at work and skil at home

  15. Bosch drills aren't always the fastest compared to some of the others but they are definitely built to last.

  16. Great video thank you. I absolutely agree 18v tools like these are making the case for 12v tools harder and harder. I love the 1.7ah Dewalt Powerstack too and think Milwaukee urgently need an equivalent. That said my choice is the Metabo HPT DEX. If I need more power I’ll reach for my Dewalt DCD805 or my Milwaukee Fuel gen 4. But I love the lightweight, superb ergonomics of the Metabo HPT offering and that’s my go to. Good to know it steps up in performance when paired with a bigger battery so I might try the new 4.0ah which is still one row of cells and thus reasonably compact.

  17. Here in EU we have the Skil 3065, 155mm, 900g, 60nm on 500rpm low. (475UWO?) Would be nice to compare as a budget alternative. What can the US name be on that model.

  18. Very detailed video breakdown of these Compact drills. One information note and suggestion. Bosch has new Tabless technology ProCore 18V plus Batteries came out last year November and released in Early March to market globally, with substantial extra runtime and of course, power. You should do research on it and check it out. Much respect as always for your great work.

  19. I have both the DCD794 and Ridgid sub-compact. I really like both oof them as far as ergonomics and power. The slow ramp up of the Ridgid took some getting used to for sure. Dewalt hands down has the best triggers in the business in my opinion. If I need more power I either grab my DCD791, Hercules Brushless or Flex Turbo Hammer Drill. Great video keep em coming!

  20. That is so interesting that the Milwaukee has that slippery chuck. My Gen 2 M12 had a similar slippery chuck, but they fixed it with the Gen 3. I wonder why they didn't do the same for the M18.

  21. Great one!
    I also take the m18!
    You could quietly get the dcd800 on there and give it a gold medal easily 😉

  22. Great video! I'm all about compact tools. If I don't need the power, I rather have the smaller, lighter tool. Dewalt Atomic line is my favorite.

  23. Being with Matika subcompact drill over 3 years, I would say this is the slimiest compare to others, you don't need tons of power if you chose the small drill, compact drill designed for work at tight area also lower your weight at your toolbelt or box. I use this drill for 3mm to 6mm timber drilling everyday and reseating the hot and cold outlet with a fantastic result. I do have XGT hammer drill if I use for hole saw cut or another application need high torque

  24. Tinker With Tools !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUV this Guy, LUV this Channel!

    Hey my man, a little light bulb went on in my head, and I had an idea for a video; What effect, if any, these newer batteries would have on older tools? Not claiming any originality here mind ya, but I am a bit curious what one of the PowerStack batteries would have on an older DeWalt, a Forge on an older Milwaukee, etc etc. Someone may have done this or similar, but they ain’t You! 😊 Just a dim thought…

  25. The thing about replacing the chuck on the Milwaukee is finding one even remotely close to how short and snub nosed it is. I call mine my m18 .357 😂 I’ve had quite a few drills myself over the years and it’s by far the shortest one I’ve seen.

  26. I have most of these compacts and my only complaints are the underpowered little Metabo subcompact and SUPER noisy larger compact. Favorite would be Milwaukee or Flex. I also like the Snap On 14.4 screwdriver although that’s sort of a different category

  27. Nice video as usual. I wonder how the newer Metabo HPT (my main 18v platform) would do with the compact 4ah battery.

  28. What about the Dewalt dcd800? I think it would be a good inclusion

  29. Great video, I'm a fan of DeWALT's Atomic line, small, light and powerful

  30. Hilti SF 4 22 is a great subcompact drill I use it weekly

  31. Hey bro I kid you not masterforce from Menards. They have really decent power tools for tbe price id say they are at least on par maybe even a hair above kobalt,Robin etc. They have have a compact line impact driver,drill , hammer drill,I have the hammer not bad. They've got a full lineup hell they come out with thier 2 Gen hydraulic pulse driver last year. Nobody else in the last few years has had the balls to challenge Milwaukee on that. Clarify they are not my go-tos but if they had to be they'd get the job done. Great show buddy

  32. Ill stick to my Bosch 12v line for compact drill/driver. Perfect for fastening and furniture making.

  33. If Milwaukee could come out with a small surge battery, their compact would be the best. I own the Milwaukee and have used the Makita and Dewalt. The problem besides the slippery chuck is the battery size and weight. I think most people buy compacts for that reason, not power. Like I said, if Milwaukee came out with a 1.7 surge, it would be the best, in my opinion. For now, i got Makita #1, Dewalt #2, and Milwaukee #3.

  34. The new Metabo HPT 18V is the best I really drill for performance, price etc
    The Ridgid trigger has the best control trigger and the little Metabo HPT is great for small jobs and so low priced with extra batteries I got one for all the ladies in my life and they live it, does all they need and I have a couple set up with specific pre hole bits for cabinet making
    I just don't like.the ergonomics on the Dewalts and as a previous mostly Milwaukee guy I can't justify the over price for not enough gain on many of there tools

  35. The Hercules and Bauer line may be good to look at too?

  36. Hey bro, great video as usual! This compact segment is really opening up which is great for all of us.

    Did you happen to test drilling and driving tasks on a Forge or 6.0HO? I'm curious if the compact M18 sees similar performance gains as the Metabo HPT and Flex on their bigger/higher performance batteries. These compacts are powerful enough I'd not be surprised to see significant voltage sag on the 5S 1P configuration in that 3.0HO, even with the 21700s (it's also clear to me Milwaukee needs to do a small Forge to keep being competitive in this new market segment).

  37. I've been using corded Bosch blue for 25+yrs without 1 failure. At my job, over time we used Dewalt, Panasonic, Hitachi and Makita cordless tools. All performed flawlessly but have their pro's and con's. For home use I got a hold of a Milwaukee set because i got a great deal on it but if I had to start over again: Hitachi/Hikoki cordless stuff is amazing and not just for the price.

  38. How would you compare the balance of the compact Milwaukee M18 brushless with the gen 4 M18 Fuel?

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