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Why Eardrums Burst From Loud Noises 😨

Zack D. Films
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  1. New Fear Unlocked: The School Class

  2. New fear unlocked :Loud noise

  3. new fear unlocked: S O U N D !!!!!

  4. Thought you were deaf forever after the eardrum tear

  5. Loud kid: Thats why when i ask someone a question they walk away

  6. When i was a kid i always wondered, why do they always close their ears in the movie when there is a big sound and why and how do they get deaf? And this video helped

  7. this happend to me when i was popping that very lound type of buble wrap in my ear then i heard ringing and then i could not her for like 4 day's

  8. So, I'm sensitive to loud noises
    Is it a physical thing or a psychological thing?

  9. So that's what happened when Homelander uses his super sonic scream…

  10. And then when it painfully wins, you die😂❤

  11. Doctor:what is ur phobia?

    Me: Loud noises


    Me:(shows to this video)

  12. basically what happened when someone screamed right in front if my ear like fuckin 6 days ago

  13. Can you teach us what if water goes into your ear 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏

  14. If you listen to any Noises for too long it can damage your ear even a blow dryer

  15. Super loud noises, my autism manifestation has activated!

  16. And people have the audacity to play shit so loud…

  17. Now I'm less scared on becoming a fighter jet ground crew

  18. I rember that time i was playing with firework and become a bomn like it hit my ear

  19. When it ringed i thought that my ear is gone 😂

  20. I was wearing headphones and the loudest sounds😊

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