Why Nano-Diamond Batteries a threat to China's domination in Lithium-ion batteries? I UPSC GS-2 S&T - ndbatteries.com

Why Nano-Diamond Batteries a threat to China’s domination in Lithium-ion batteries? I UPSC GS-2 S&T

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    ༺꧁🏹🚩jai shree ram🚩🏹꧂༻༺꧁🏹
    ༺꧁🏹jai mahakaal🚩🏹꧂༻༺꧁

  4. Necessity is the mother of invention…

  5. Paris mai toh electric Bus hi jal gayi thi …

  6. Nano Diamond batteries chahiye Cars mai, Lifelong battery health ❤️

  7. Hydrogen is the future, forget Lithium in Cars.

  8. NDB is great for industries 👆😐🔥👑🤨🤔🤳👍

  9. 1000's year of life….recently i purchased a new phone…main reason battery backup, main smartphone companies will like not this type of concept.

  10. I am not preparing for UPSC but I always follow your videos 🇮🇳

  11. NDB is impractical in large scale application due to the low weight to wattage ratio. (Energy density is not the problem here)

  12. Sir, mene ab alag alag batteries ke combination sun liye pr ab tk ek bhi li-ion ko replace nhi kr paya.

  13. Adarsh Gupta .. You have the best content in the channel and even better videos in your channel.

  14. This will never see the light.. companies will make sure of that

  15. Sir , can you please provide the pdf of this video?

  16. per NDB batteries ka mass production possible hai?

  17. We need continuous sustainable energy production rather than storage.

  18. Sir what about…. Alluminium air battery.. 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🤓

  19. Just this morning while i wake up i saw that my TWS is smoking and the case is partially melted down on my study table, i noticed at the right time so i prevent a serious loss of mine as my books laptop mobile etc are also there with the TWS.

  20. Aksh voice s superb.. easy to understand…

  21. More Lithium mines have to be found in India..Dependency on China must be brought down to zero in five years must be the target of our government..


  23. Subsidy given to Customer is always for Producer… Electric Scooter were initially launch at price of ₹28, 000. But after subsidy also they are of more than a Lac.

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