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Woo! Adventures in the dark! Derail Valley simulation update part 3

Colonel Failure
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“We want a day night cycle!” Say players of every game that doesn’t have one. Immediately after this comes into reality and said players have experienced full majesty of night-time, they go looking for the means to turn it off again because, when it comes to brass tacks, all that night time lighting may look lovely, but you really want to be able to see what the hell you’re doing.

I digress. Today’s mission is to find a locomotive I haven’t broken. Why? You’ll see.

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  1. can the colonel complete a misson before he runs out of trains? 🙂 shops at the some stations sell flashlights, bit pricey though! also as a last resort if u run out of trains, you can always just pay the insurance fees to get them fixed up

  2. I didn't believe it could get any better but you've really surpassed yourself this time Colonel. Not content with simply going nowhere for 2 episodes, you've now rolled up your sleeves and managed to achieve negative progress. This must surely be some cunning ruse to rollback the mission timer – bravo!

  3. Night effects are cool, if it had a few zombies it be a bloody brilliant game!
    PS: When flicking switches, remember to engage your caterpillar drive Keptin Colonel sah…

  4. I'm really looking forward to the DM episodes 🙂

  5. Looking forwards to him driving the big beast with bad visibility.

  6. I enjoyed looking at the stars while you traipsed around. Spotted the Plough and the Pleiades. You could do an Astronomy episode and rename the constellations in an amusing way.

  7. Ouh! Ouh! A new Escapode .. and Alone, in the dark, in the night .. all alone, in the dark – where no one can hear you .. Screeeeaaam!
    Yey! ;o)

  8. I'm in some awe how you've turned a train game into a creeping horror story, and not actually much about trains… this just gets better every ep 😀

    The red one (DH4) has no electrics to break, but goes off at the speed of light if you dont pay attention, so a different potential disaster.

  9. Speaking of City Skylines 2: are you planning to make a roundabout only play through? 😁😇

  10. This channel is the perfect antidote to those on YT that will tell you if you drive it properly, (like they do of course), then a DE2 will pull a 1000T load of nuclear waste from the harbour up the North Face of the Eiger in less than 22.5 minutes! (If you can't do that then you're considered a numpty). Frankly, sod the time bonus etc, I'd rather enjoy the laugh on here. ✌

  11. Ypu are right Colonel, your accountant doers not understand Excel, but thats fine Excel is a spreadsheet and accountant are more knowledgeable when it comes to actual accounting sofrwate ( think Qiuckooks and other available titles).
    On a slight nit-pickynote tho, those texts you acarionally flash on scren might be a bit more readable if they stay on for a bit more than 2 frames. That said thanks for another fun video

  12. Counting episodes since last accident is like counting winters sice last friday

  13. Not a lot of train action buts what made this one the best so far… love it……

  14. 10:29 you can "skip" the night by sleeping on the couch or in bed; both are in (almost) every station office

  15. 20:24 – "Leap 40ft into the air and scatter yourself over the surrounding area" – Yeah, but that only works on mushroom fields where the map maker has marked them as his, don't you remember? I don't know the correct procedure for ordinance which is not marked in such a way.

  16. Your self-conversing never ceases to entertain. P.s. your little radio switch has an LED on it if you scroll through it’s options 🙂

  17. Well, he's not playing Plains of Staying On Tracks, is he.

  18. Now this is the type of progress we know and love, Start in the middle of the ongoing disaster and slowly go from very bad and work your way up to even worse than when you started at disaster. I do like failures philosophy of " if it's dark and you can't see behind you then don't worry about it " It be alright. This is going to be a rather expensive hole in the wallet and we should prepare ourselves that Colonel failure will end up owing more money in repairs than he will make for completing the job in the first place. This is all exciting stuff.

  19. How much I enjoy these videos is inversely proportional to how much you manage to accomplish.

  20. Thank you for making me feel better about myself 😂

  21. you'll have a nice time buying the flashlight or lantern from whatever shop it's available in. prolly set you back 5 or 6 grand

  22. Oh boy a hiking video! Didn't see that coming. Hey team I know this is a game about trains but let's go hiking! Loving your work seriously, 😂 thanks for the vid.

  23. Come on colonel it was obviously a damned T-junction. Keep up the good work mate. Lol

  24. I like the bit where he crashed the train.

  25. Skip to daylight by sleeping in the office and I believe there is a lamp in the shop.

  26. 6:55 They should show the steel coils breaking loose and rolling over the cab (without crushing it, of course!)
    20:16 "…..unexploded ordinance…." Colonel Failure Goes Forth
    Can one drive cars and trucks around to help find a locomotive?
    A night hike mission, with specific objectives, might be an interesting game in itself.

  27. uuughh I reeally want to love this game, I do! But something ust doesn't sit right.I love the IDEA of this game but actually playing it is more a chore than a delight. Perhaps if it were TF2 in FPS?

  28. just curious, I have never played this, but does the rerail option allow you to move the loco to the other end of the carriages and flip it around so its facing the opposite direction?

  29. Open your inventory (default Caps Lock) and you can arrange your tool bar as you please.
    Also, no youtuber gives me as much behind the screen gamer rage as you do 😡🤬😠😤 Saying that though, only the Spiffing Britt rivals you for raw entertainment, and I think you win that for being very rough and haphazard in your game play 😂😂😂

  30. Other YTers would probably drive DE6 at this point. But Colonel is the only one playing this game properly. It's called Derail Valley, not Drive Safely and Competently Valley.

  31. I think this episode should be called Colonel's Manoevres in the Dark.

    Best line. "C'mon God. Chuck me a train!" I have a feeling that it would come from a great height.

  32. MF is where Mother Fletcher keeps her Melon Farm

  33. Btw a sign with a positive number eg. +2. Is the grade as well as -2 being a grade the positive or negative is whether your going down or up <3

  34. You have no idea how entertaining this actually is. !!
    Cheers for making it

  35. these shunters are living the life of Ron Bongos' horse.

  36. Goggled a lot through this one. Great entertainment value!

  37. I like this new, 'wandering around aimlessly in the dark', simulation you've got going on, here. It could do with more unexpected low fences and ditches to stumbling onto/into, though.

  38. I'd love to see a video where you drive a DH3.
    I blew up the first 2 I tried to drive.

  39. Loving this series ! I'm tempted to mention something you can do with your radio but it's more fun with you not doing it 😉

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