World’s most powerful atomic bomb blast, 3333 times than Hiroshima | Tsar Bomba | DNA Today -

World’s most powerful atomic bomb blast, 3333 times than Hiroshima | Tsar Bomba | DNA Today
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DNA: वो बम, जो दुनिया ही उड़ा देता !
Russia releases test footage of world’s most powerful atomic bomb blast, 3333 times than Hiroshima

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  1. ये लोग धरती को मंगल जैसा बना देंगे

  2. The T – sar hydrogen bomb is most powerful than all.

  3. Ehi Dunia Khatam Karange…Aam Janta Tan Awin Badnam a

  4. Fun fact; tsar bombawas capable of 100 mega tonne explosionbut scientiests only tested for 47 mega tonne, they thought it would be too powerful

  5. Bhai yr kyu banaane ye sab chije vese hi dunia khtm ho rhi hai

  6. No mouse ever built a mousetrap , Humans happily made an Atom bomb and the cheered about it ,This tells us a lot about humans.

  7. Similar Nuclear test was conducted by the Father of Atom Bomb Robert Oppenheimer, he was also known as the father of Manhattan Project in New Mexico, USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 on July 16, 1945, Code named Trinity. Robert Oppenheimer, quoted a Sanskrit Scripture from Bhagwad Geeta, "Now I'm the Death, the Destroyer of the World" He fluently spoke Sanskrit.

  8. Pagalpan hai,yeh use karke Russian bhi nipat jayege.

  9. America so Gaya tha kya us din Uske satellite knaha thus din

  10. India has a Hydrogen bomb? Ok, we will fill the balloons with it…..



  13. Actually Tsar boma is 100 mega ton TNT but Russia used 50 mg

  14. Bomb was so powerful that video they release after 60 years 😆

  15. Agr Inh scientists ko ya inke desh k president ko marne ka itna hee shik hai to khud kyu nhi mara jate atam hatya kr k. Masoom logo ki jaan kyu le rhe hai ye 😡

  16. Tsar was 10 times more powerful then all the bombs combined in WW2.

  17. Manaw jati ho itna gahnghor hatiyar bana hei nahi chaiye tha

  18. Imagine little boy is only 15kt and Fatman is 20kt…..tsar bomb is 50mt

  19. Yeh video bohut din pehle se internet pe available hai 😂😂😂

  20. Love Russia
    Mother Russia. Ab log sochenge ki main kya likh raha hu, I am a consultant working with one of the top 4 consulting company (people from CA background can catch this) , been in Russia, they call their country as Mother Russia, ok, bhai hamari bhi Bharat Mata hai. but they are different, they never tolerate abuse, they never tolerate loosing, they are born winners, they may be slow, but when they come up, they are the "Great"

  21. Kya en brhi takton ne Hiroshima Nagasaki se kuchh nhi sikha iisko Dunia abhitak bhool nhi payee jab America ne Japan par bum 2nd world War me barsaye the ab Russia Zaar bum barsa kar Dunia ko kya dikhana chahta hai tbahi ka manzer Kash yah brhi taktye sam

  22. Moral of the story : Don't you ever mess with Russia

  23. 1 atleast India should have such hydrogen situation is demanding this..we all around covered by jihadi or terrorist….so atleast we should have a ultimate bomb which can be deployed whenever we will its end now

  24. India should work on this project we need atleast 100MT hydrogen bomb ….if jihad become dominant we can blast on one at china border and one at pakistan border so that everything end in single attempt…

  25. I'm in favour of destruction of this planet so that everything can be re initiated…and life cycle start again after million of year of destruction..with new creatures…

  26. It was a good invetion but country made it wrost

  27. Tsar bomba got reduced in size considering the risk, actual planned bomb was 2x or 3x of the detonated bomb

  28. India ke pass hydrogen bomb 💣 nhi hai sir ji only atom bomb

  29. Soviets wanted to make 100 ton megaton bomb but they decided to make it only 50 ton megaton bomb … Horrifying

  30. यह बिकाऊ चैनल है

  31. यह बीजेपी का चैनल है

  32. Good job Russia Duston ke liye jaroori hai thok denge sabko

  33. अणू नहीं परमाणु (atom)

  34. Aisa Bumb free fire me ana chahiye….. Ek bar me phactry king banaege

  35. Iska free fire ke grened se mukabla hoga to kon jitega?????????

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