World's Smallest Nuclear Reactor -

World’s Smallest Nuclear Reactor

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People have been trying to build small home power plants for a long time. As a rule, this doesn’t end well. Some have even died during the construction process. But that’s definitely not for us. Today we will try to make our own nuclear reactor and use it to arrange a “nuclear party” on a desert island.

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  1. … Never trust a proctologist who can palm a basketball …

  2. I feel dumber for having watched this poorly researched video with a nonsense setup.
    But you got a comment out of me at least, so the algorithm is happy.

  3. How much gamma does a radioactive dimond pacemaker put out, or what amount will someone else's cell phone next to you hit you with, in a crowd full of them

    How about hydrogen clean energy is the future

  4. What is this video? It's like an interview. Also those kids who made mini nuclear reactors? Hmm.

  5. Someone at the age of 10 will build one 🤣🤣🤣

  6. I think Mr Riddle is either drunk or high or both. What a useless video!

  7. Gio's Technology (Giovanny V. Rico S. G.) says:

    9:24 A party?!!??! XD WTH I want them to rescue me, we can have the party in the civilization 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 haha I really did not expect that suggestion… Take note, the laser is not possible with modern laptops, normally they don't have a CD/DVD/BR anymore, they are flat and have SD USB ports, even a C type, the audio jack, and HDMI + the power supply but a reader is not so used like before haha… now everything is in the beautiful cloud XD SOS with rocks is ok XD

  8. What about thorum salt reactors. They are not nuclear and are 💯% Safe, so there's no waste issues.

  9. Habitation 4h Cairo crispr humanity Breese central one timer bitcoin

  10. David han story is way more sad than what you explained. He eventually killed himself later on. Also some of the details didn't match up.

  11. Magnitudes more energy could be sourced from developing a salt water battery from various scrap metals either found on the island or from the computer parts

  12. They should use these ideas when they film the remake of CASTAWAY. 😊<<<< Wilson!

  13. merge 2 nitrogen atoms into N2 So much energy

  14. The government has dumped countless billions into non-productive fusion experiments.

  15. Of course they going to kill him do you know how many bright minds God send to humanity the power hungry kill 👀👀👀👁👁👁👁

  16. What a useless collection of gibberish

  17. "Have you ever wondered where electricity comes from?". Seriously?

  18. Oh!!! Really??? All this time I’m thinking it came from eels!!

  19. HMMMM how bout tiny hydroelectric plant made with LEGO generator block?

  20. A twelve year old teenager?
    Lasers in a floppy drive?
    A circuit (I'll give you that one) that would be a constant current source obviously 😉
    Pretty sure you can't use glass or acrylics to focus a beam of electrons. You'll need some elctromagnets and some more pesky circuit boards if you want to focus you beta rays.
    Tritium is pretty rare, and super toxic. You don't want to take in any of that isotope of Hydrogen, when it gets inside you it'll do crazy damage to nearby tissue.

    This is a neat video, in that I was confused by the many contradictions.. like not being able to get U238 (which he didn't use by the way, he used Th232) Am241 or Radium. He bought all of it. Tons of lantern mantles for the Thorium, old smoke detectors for the Americum and (from antique shops, not the scrapper) he sourced his Radium clock hands. So definitely available to any teenager at the time. His purpose was to build a small pile, get it to go critical (no way he could have succeeded with what he had assembled) and breed a rather nasty isotope of Uranium 233. Oh, almost forgot, it was a garden shed, not a barn. Super cool stuff for sure. Also an bad idea. At least this video got that right. Building a nuclear pile at home isn't a great idea. His death, not sure, but I heard it was opoids.

    A little more proof reading. (I really should follow my own advice here) Would go a long way.
    The whole last bit with the island and the monkeys and lasers sounds like fun… but it didn't fit.. it kinda sounded like a a sleep deprived over caffinated brain storm.

    Oh… darn… one more thing is getting my attention here. It's micro watts (if even that) that a beta voltaic device can source. So make that was ot 36 reactors stated? Make it 3600 and you'll be able to run the laser from your floppy disk. You know… I did the laser thing a while back. I needed two or three watts to get mine to give me a bright beam. Half of the power was lost to heat on my current source.. and a bunch lost as heat on the diode itself. 30mW may be the final output power of the beam… but it does need a watt or three to get it to shine. You're going to fall a little short on power.
    If you have enough Tritium to run the light.. you likely wouldn't have to build anything. Someones gonna come looking for all that Tritium. Shits expensive

  21. I deliver computers and tritium capsules across the Atlantic by sea… I am SO glad i have seen this. You just saved a life my friend!

  22. "Then you turn around and notice an abandoned nuclear reactor factory with all the parts you need, and printed guides on assembly.."

  23. ITER is going to come up with nuclear fusion which will power homes either by 2030 or 2040.

  24. Correction: at 2:58, it ought to be "Jackson's and Taylor's goals were", etc.
    This is no mere quibble: each individual has his own objective. They may have distinctions that ultimately may prove one over the other. Or each might have features the other lacks, but in the end requires. Perhaps both will function well.
    At 3:46, the narrator asserts that one cannot obtain uranium. Years past had I obtained a little smudge of yellow cake uranium ore.

  25. Unfortunate that you were picked up in a Soviet helicopter. The island may have been safer than where you are being taken

  26. floppydrive doesn't use lasers. You must use a cd or dvd drive.

  27. Ok, who got really high when writing this script…

  28. Lmao the idea government won't invest because they don't see a benefit 🤣 😂 💀. What benefit do we get from sexual habits on cocaine in the Japanese quail?!?! It's because it would eliminate the climate panic for very little money, they make 1,000,000x that from preventing research

  29. A Farnsworth fuser doesn't create any electricity.

    You put millions of volts in to fuse small amounts of elements and a tonne of non sheilded radiation (not advisable to be near for long periods),just because it creates elements doesn't mean you can create energy, you lose a ridiculous amount of energy.

    The nuclear boy scout went in and out of jail, kicked out of multiple schools and well.. not a pleasant story. The land he made his "reactor" in were quarantined and took a long time to be disposed of properly because he had no clue what he were doing as far as shielding, handling and disposal. Radium one of the most deadly substances he handled had to be dissolved from the adhesive on the clock hands he found in a solvent and he did that by hand for instance. Not a person to emulate and I hope he didn't suffer any more than his life story implies.

  30. The kid could've bought his uranium from the Clinton's huge deal when they sold the rights to American uranium recovery to Russia. Of course the extreme noise created by all the hate for former President Trump drowned out any investigation of the Clinton Crime Conglomerate.

    Isn't it just fabulous how the whole country forgot that President Trump was a Democrat for decades before he ran for office? Or that the Clintons sat front row at Trump's most recent wedding?

    Imagine that..

  31. yeah coming up with a decentralized power supply is known to be bad for your heath if you know what I mean

  32. What the heck did I just witness??? Is this a channel where you share your badtrips?

  33. "HaVe YoU EveR wOnDeReD wHeRe eLeCtRiCiTy CoMeS from?"
    Yes, in 2022 people just wonder about things instead of googling it with thier smartphone.
    Big brain intro right there…

  34. Twelve years old is not a teenager. If you cant get that right, how can we take the rest of this seriously?

  35. Step 1 to island survival, build 43 tritium nuclear reactors.

  36. Hey scientist, create a power source that creates its own electron flow. Bypass the whole wasteful heat to mechanicle energy conversion.

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