WS-8117U-IT-C Atomic Digital Wall Clock -

WS-8117U-IT-C Atomic Digital Wall Clock

La Crosse Technology
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La Crosse Technology’s WS-8117U-IT product set up guide. Please comment below with questions or concerns.

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  1. Thank you for helping me fix my aunt's clock.

  2. My outdoor sensor doesn't work anymore. I have had this clock for years. Do I need a new sensor?

  3. I've had my atomic clock for a while now but for some reason I do not think the outside temperature meter works correctly I have pushed the button will try to let it sink and let it flash put new batteries so on so forth but for some reason it's just not doing it

  4. I like this clock I don't like the directions this clock is hard to figure it out hey have a military time in a regular time the clock is very confusing to set up but like anything else once you know it's easy but when you don't know it's a son of a gun and their directions aren't very well done I set up the first one that I have the second one I use in the laundry room of my complex very hard to figure out

  5. I can't understand how to set my clock ect . He speaks to fast I can't keep up

  6. I don't care what anybody says the first word he says it's easy he's a damn liar they're not showing how to set it up right it's easy when you know how when you don't know how it's not easy

  7. Hi, thank you for the set-up video! Just a question regarding the radio-controlled aspect of your clocks. How do we let the clock automatically sync with the radio station? Do we just leave the clock be (clock showing 12:00 AM, 1/1) once we put in the batteries and it syncs up?

  8. We are very much impressed about your clock. For me this is the best clock compared to other clock. Congrats to your good company. Happy New Year 2016 to all. God bless

  9. Hello, I have a nearly identical model Lacross atomic clock model# W86111. I impressed with it's or it's lack of a tendency to lose or gain time, however, the temperature inside and out stuck at 66.2F and 53.8F respectively with the outside temp blinking on and off every 4 seconds. Any thoughts on what you think may be causing this would be much appreciated…

  10. came here because I lost the instructions, and I had to change the batteries (both units needed them at almost the same time). if your thinking about getting this clock, DO IT! the batteries for mine lasted almost two years, and the clock has worked perfect. for the outside sensor, I just left it in the plastic packaging it came in, added some duct tape around the edges, and it has stayed perfectly dry. I have it hanging under a large wood birdfeeder out of sight and where it's shady all the time. can't remember what I paid for it, 40.00? anyway, it's worth every penny. looks great over my desk, and even though it's right above my computer, I always look at it first. (the instructions are online as well) great job La Crosse!!!

  11. The outside temp will not register. Brand new clock. How do I fix that?

  12. Your product is not an 'atomic clock'; it is 'radio controlled'. The atomic clock is the timekeeping device in Colorado in your case, where it gets the time signal from.

  13. We've had this brand, in a similar model for many years. The batteries last a long time. Even the outside ones in the temperature sensor in frigid below 0 temperatures during long winters. I would love to have one with a real wood frame.

  14. We have just a few days left to sign a petition @ to maintain our radio controlled clocks and watches from Fort Collins CO to maintain funding for NIST stations WWV & WWVH! Time is running out and if we don’t get enough signatures America’s atomic watches and clocks will be useless! Please help and sign and spread the word throughout social media!

  15. My outdoor sensor died and got some goofy readings for language and dates. I read the instructions over and over and could not make heads or tails out that mess of an instruction manual. What a joke. Luckily I found this video which was light years better than the dumbed down manual. In minutes I had the right year, date, language, and switched the dead outdoor temperature to seconds. BAM! Thank you Thank YOU!!

  16. Needed to reset my clock & this vid explains it well. I've run into the same problem with the outdoor sensor failing… TWICE now (2 different sensors… the original, & now the replacement). The most important reason I buy this product is the outdoor temp (atomic clock is my 2nd reason). Today my 2nd sensor stopped working. I opened the battery portion & found one contact corroded, & all the rest pristine. The batteries were healthy, with no corrosion, so I don't understand the problem. Then the corroded contact broke right off, with barely a touch on it. The inside of the sensor was completely dry, & the sensor was in a place that has no possibility of water contact. These sensors are too expensive to replace, for this to happen. I bought my 2nd unit when the first sensor failed, & it was cheaper to buy the entire clock again, than to replace the sensor. I'm not happy at all.

  17. FM controlled, correct? Does it callibrate every minute? Like railroadstation clocks do?

  18. NOT SIMPLE, POS continues to change time zones. Infuriating!

  19. I lost my outdoor sensor when I moved. How do I get a replacement?

  20. Can't find the transducer in the black plastic pipe forward(?) of the RV bumper to replace the batteries. Model WS-8117U-IT.

  21. Had the clock for several years. I think I destroyed the outside xmitter (one batt reversed) Can I buy a replacement ?

  22. the damn thing will not stay on Pacific time. ALWAYS reverts to eastern time.

  23. Mine stays on EST and we’re mountain time. Husband says never again buying this clock. We have 3.

  24. I'm unable to reset anything on my clock. My son also tried and watched the video.

  25. Here's a mystery. We lost our outside temperature sensor more than seven years ago but our clock continues to show accurate temperatures in a harsh climate (today it's -30 degrees Fahrenheit). Is it picking up from a neighbors unit? Is there some kind of WiFi connection? Not complaining. Just mystified.

  26. Have had my clock for years it is the WS8157Uit. W it daylight savings just started I decided to manually change bc here in San Diego it takes forever for time to change. Problem I had this time is the date keeps reverting to 6:00. Will the date automatically change to correct date? It's been a day and a half and still not showing date. I tried reseting 3 times and each time the day of week is set the date changes to 6:00.

  27. Thank you so much. I was able to set my clock which I bought in a thrift store with no remote

  28. Not sure what those that are complaining are complaining about. I’ve had two of these in the last 18 years. They work great. All I’ve ever had to do is adjust the time zone. Great video. Answers most questions. User error is not the videos fault.

  29. We have a Sky ScanAtomic Clock model number. 86715 how do I get the day setting to show up. Time is correct date shows 8/24 no day shows just a timer temp is correct

  30. yes…setting the time zone was the main reason for not having the right time…..Great video…thanks

  31. I have an older version (WS-8007U). The year doesn't go past 19. Will it make any difference with the dates?

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