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WT-8029U Solar Powered Atomic Wall Clock

La Crosse Technology
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La Crosse Technology’s WT-8029U product set up guide. Please comment below with questions or concerns.

For product information and support visit:

This video also includes support for the WS-8029 model.


  1. Where can you get the rechargeable alkaline batteries that come with it ? When mine started losing charge, I switched over to using alkaline batteries. I doubt using rechargeable nickel metal-hydride probably because it won`t work or be compatible with the clock.

  2. I had to put in a fresh battery and set the time accordingly. After doing so, I don’t see a signal icon from Fort Collins, CO. to show its receiving the signal. Will it eventually show?

  3. "You can save money on batteries by only putting them into your clock when you want to know the time."

  4. I found a mistake. If you want the screen to be ON all the time, you need to set solar mode to OFF, not ON, like this video says.

  5. Using rechargeable battery with solar panel would be great

  6. My display is going dark. Had this clock a number of years and it works well, even the battery. Now what can I do about the LCD background going dark?

  7. I can reset mine, didn't set it to dsl at first but now the thing won't reset after taking out the battery flipping the switch back and forth. The buttons do nothing

  8. can the clock take a lithium ion battery 3.7 volts?

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