How Is NDB Battery Going To Change Our Life?

How Is NDB Battery Going To Change Our Life?

NDB Battery

NDB Inc has recently become a headliner in most social media. They claim to have found a way to produce a forever battery from nuclear waste. Running up to 28,000 years, such devices will cover the electricity demand for generations to come. How did they come to this technology? Where can it be used in the near future?

Inspiration Through a Science Community

Inspiration Through a Science Community

In 2016, the University of Bristol held an annual lecture about breakthrough ideas. The central topic was dedicated to a new generation of batteries. They could run on radioactive waste and be more efficient than any of their predecessors. It was a theory. But it inspired a group of scientists who later founded NDB Inc. And started working on their own project. It’s explained in detail here:

NDB: 2 Global Problems to Solve

NDB 2 Global Problems to Solve

As cities grow and become more tech-packed, no wonder consumption goes up. With the transition to greener electricity production, sources with zero-emission are salvation.

But above all, it’ll give us a sustainable way of utilizing nuclear waste. Yes, atomic stations produce a lot of safe energy. But they also generate by-products that are impossible to fully recycle. Extracting dangerous isotopes and surrounding them with tamperproof synthetic diamond, we actually recycle radioactive waste. And create a power source that will run for thousands of years. The isotopes fully decay over time and transform into harmless elements.

So, what do we get?

  • More green energy that’ll be available for hundreds of years.
  • Fewer radioactive materials pollute our environment and are expensive to store.

Where Exactly Can the Technology be Used?

Where Exactly Can the Technology be Used

Space and marine research, medicine… It sounds impressive, but how will it affect us individually?

  • We use a lot of gadgets every day. Smartphones, smartwatches, wireless headphones, electric toothbrushes… No matter how advanced they are, you need to juice them up. But what if you didn’t have to? If they had self-charging batteries inside, you could use these gadgets without recharging.
  • E-cars are a great alternative to petrol-based predecessors. But we can turn them into something more than just a vehicle. A sustainable car by day, an additional power source for the whole house by night. With an NDB battery, it’s not science fiction anymore.

This technology is only starting to bloom. The developers will soon present a prototype that could be manufactured on a global scale. When it happens, it’ll affect us all. In a good way.